Welcome to Life As A Journey . A place to be inspired, encouraged and hopefully words that will feed your spirit, soul and heart. My heart is to share thoughts and experiences from my life.

I am a reluctant writer and blogger. Growing up feeling like my life was always on the outside looking into what everyone else was doing, never would I have imagined that someday I’d write anything for someone else to read. However, several decades ago I made a wonderful discovery.  Part of my identity is- “I am a writer”. I love to tell stories and share life experiences in the hope that someone will be encouraged, blessed, inspired or find their voice in what I’ve written.

This is also a journey into vulnerability and courage for me. My hope is that as you read my blog you will see your life in a new light. Find hope and encouragement to look at life as more of a journey than a destination. Our lives are made up of more than arriving at some fixed point in the future. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and come sit awhile. Relax and enjoy living in the moment.

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